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  • Sean Davis: 14 Features of Xubuntu 14.04

    Start up the hype machine!  We’re going to take a look at what’s coming in Xubuntu 14.04.

    With only two days before final release, let’s take a look at what’s new in the next LTS release of Xubuntu.  Here’s 14 things that make the biggest splash this time around.

    New Look

    1. Brand new theme for the LightDM GTK+ Greeter login/lock screen.

      LightDM GTK+ Greeter with the latest Greybird theme.

      LightDM GTK+ Greeter with the latest Greybird theme.

    2. A new “Suru”-styled default wallpaper.

      The new default wallpaper for Xubuntu 14.04

      The new default wallpaper for Xubuntu 14.04 “Trusty Tahr”

    3. Six wallpapers were selected from a pool of community-submitted wallpapers and included.  See each of the winning submissions here.

      Balance - one of the community-submitted wallpapers.

      Balance – one of the community-submitted wallpapers.

    4. A new panel layout.  As featured below: [Whisker Menu] [Window Buttons] [Notification Area] [Indicator Plugin] [Clock]

      A new panel layout, whisker menu, and updated indicator stack.

      A new panel layout, whisker menu, and updated indicator stack.

    5. “Whisker Menu”, a modern menu applet, is included by default.
    6. The indicator stack has been updated.  Network, Power, and Sound are included and fully functional.
    7. The themes included come from the popular Shimmer Project and Numix Project. Albatross (Shimmer Project) Bluebird (Shimmer Project) Greybird (Shimmer Project) Numix (Numix Project) Orion (Shimmer Project)

    Application Updates

    1. Xscreensaver has been removed in favor of Light Locker.  Light Locker uses LightDM to lock the screen, merging the functionality of the login screen and the lock screen.  Light Locker Settings is included to make configuration a simple task.

      A simple configuration utility to complement Light Locker.

      A simple configuration utility to complement Light Locker.

    2. Mugshot, the simple user configuration utility, is now included by default.

      Mugshot with the latest Greybird theme.

      Mugshot with the latest Greybird theme.

    3. The Alacarte menu editor has been removed in favor of MenuLibre.

      MenuLibre with the latest Greybird theme.

      MenuLibre with the latest Greybird theme.

    4. Parole Media Player’s plugins are once-again fully-functional.

      Parole's plugins work again in Ubuntu 14.04

      Parole’s plugins work again in Ubuntu 14.04

    New Xfce Features

    1. The Xfce Display Settings now supports monitor hotplugging.

      The Xfce Display Settings can now automatically configure a newly connected display.

      The Xfce Display Settings can now automatically configure a newly connected display.

    2. The Xfce Compositor now supports zooming.  Just hold Alt and scroll the mousewheel up or down.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    1. Xubuntu 14.04 features more keyboard shortcuts and better compatibility with multimedia keyboards.
      • Web Browser: WWW or Home Page or Super+W
      • Mail Reader: Mail or Super+M
      • File Manager: My Computer or Super+F
      • Terminal: Super+T or Ctrl+Alt+T
      • Display Settings: Display or Super+P
      • gmusicbrowser: Music
      • Calculator: Calculator
      • Pidgin: Messenger
      • xkill: Ctrl+Alt+Escape

  • Seif Lotfy: Ich bin ein Xamarin(er) ♥

    My new home office

    As of the beginning of the April I am a Xamarin (that is what Xamarin employees call themselves).

    At Xummit I met the rest of the Xamarins and I had an incredible time there (dare I say magical ♥).
    I met old friends like Rodrigo Moya, Jason Smith, David Siegel, Cody Russell, Neil Patel, Connor Curran, Gord Allot and others, but also made new friends:

    • Zack Gramana: The right amount of crazy and creative. He is helping me with my new pet project.
    • Seth Rosetter: SF chilled out hacker with an ear for techno and extreme positive attitude, a delight to hang out with.
    • Mike Krüger: One of the friendliest people I got to meet and know with exactly my kind of humour.
    • Victoria Grothey: Incredibly nice person with lots of energy and always smiling.
    • Marek Safar: The most passionate beer expert I know I guess. Also rumour has it that either I am stalking him or he is stalking me.
    • Václav Vančura: An awesome designer who motivated me to start drawing again. Thanks for that. And many many more.

    One thing I believe in, is that interpersonal relationships between co-workers is a must for a community or a company to be productive and successful. Xamarin promoted (and still promotes) this positive habit, achieved it and even more. The upbeat attitude and enthusiasm at Xamarin is infectious. Combined with the diversity in culture as well as stuff/tasks to do brings the best out of Xamarins. I will not forget the bus ride to the venue. 8 people with 7 different nationalities, but all happy and psyched about what they are doing and what others are doing ♥.

    Since I joined Xamarin I started doing more Mono in my free time too. Currently I am porting

    Synapse to Mac (since I loved the interface and some of the functionalities I couldn’t find in Alfred and Quicksilver). Here is a small very early sneak peak :)

    Synapse for Mac in the making

    I am loving Xamarin and all its stands for and brings to the table.

    P.S: Hylke Bons has a fan base here at Xamarin :)

  • Ubuntu Kernel Team: Kernel Team Meeting Minutes – April 15, 2014

    Meeting Minutes

    IRC Log of the meeting.

    Meeting minutes.


    20140415 Meeting Agenda

    ARM Status

    Nothing new to report this week

    Release Metrics and Incoming Bugs

    Release metrics and incoming bug data can be reviewed at the following link:

    Milestone Targeted Work Items

       apw    core-1311-kernel    4 work items   
          core-1311-cross-compilation    2 work items   
          core-1311-hwe-plans    1 work item   
       ogasawara    core-1403-hwe-stack-eol-notifications    2 work items   
       smb    servercloud-1311-openstack-virt    3 work items   

    Status: Trusty Development Kernel

    The 3.13.0-24.46 Ubuntu kernel in the Trusty archive is currently based on the v3.13.9 upstream stable kernel. The kernel is currently frozen
    in preparation for our final 14.04 release this Thurs Apr 17. kernel.
    We do not anticipate any uploads between now and Thurs. All patches
    from here on out are subject to our Ubuntu SRU policy.
    Important upcoming dates:
    Thurs Apr 17 – Ubuntu 14.04 Final Release (~2 days away)

    Status: CVE’s

    The current CVE status can be reviewed at the following link:

    Status: Stable, Security, and Bugfix Kernel Updates – Saucy/Raring/Quantal/Precise/Lucid

    Status for the main kernels, until today (Mar. 25):

    • Lucid – Verification and Testing
    • Precise – Verification and Testing
    • Quantal – Verification and Testing
    • Saucy – Verification and Testing

      Current opened tracking bugs details:


      For SRUs, SRU report is a good source of information:



      cycle: 30-Mar through 26-Apr
      28-Mar Last day for kernel commits for this cycle
      30-Mar – 05-Apr Kernel prep week.
      06-Apr – 12-Apr Bug verification & Regression testing.
      17-Apr 14.04 Released
      13-Apr – 26-Apr Regression testing & Release to -updates.

    Vote on upload rights for kamal.

    (ogasawara> <apw) "kamal has shown himself to have a keen eye for detail, and a
    strong sense of when to ask for help. I have no hesitations in
    accepting him into the team. +1"
    ^^ from apw

    Application approved.

    Open Discussion or Questions? Raise your hand to be recognized

    No open discussion.

  • Zygmunt Krynicki: PlainBox Target Device

    The plainbox-0.6 milestone is full of content but one thing I want to point out is the CEP-4 blueprint. In short, you will be able to run PlainBox on a desktop or laptop computer but execute tests on a server or tablet device you can connect to over ssh or adb.

    I'd like to solicit comments and feedback on the proposed design. Development has started but so far just in R&D mode, to check the limitations of adb and see how the proposed design really fits into the current architecture.

    So, if you are interested in device or server testing, have a look at the specification (linked from the blueprint) and discuss this in Please help us help you better.

  • The Fridge: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 363

    Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. This is issue #363 for the week April 7 – 13, 2014, and the full version is available here.

    In this issue we cover:

    The issue of The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is brought to you by:

    • Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph
    • Paul White
    • Jose Antonio Rey
    • And many others

    If you have a story idea for the Weekly Newsletter, join the Ubuntu News Team mailing list and submit it. Ideas can also be added to the wiki!

    Except where otherwise noted, content in this issue is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License BY SA Creative Commons License