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  • Daniel Holbach: Giving Ubuntu devices users a head-start

    In the past weeks Nick, David, a few others and I worked on an app / a website, which could easily collect information which will give users of an Ubuntu device a head-start. All our collective experience and knowledge, easily added and translated.

    We achieved quite a bit. We’re now very close to getting a first version of it online (both as an app in the store and as a website). We can quite reliably integrate translations and add new content.

    We still have a few TODO items and it would be great if you could help out. If you can write a bit of documentation, translate content or fix some HTML/CSS bits or help out with testability. Any help at all will be appreciated.


    • Add content. Just check out our branch and propose a merge. Read the HACKING doc beforehand.
    • Translate. The content is likely going to change a bit in the next days still, but every edit or translation will be appreciated.
    • Hack! We have a number of things we still want to improve. Read the HACKING doc beforehand. Here’s a list of things:
      • Styling/theming/navigation:
        • Bug 1416385: Fix bullet points in the phone theme
        • Bug 1428671: Remove traces of
        • Bug 1428669: Clean up required CSS/JS
        • Bug 1425025: Automatically load translated pages according to the user language.
      • Testing
      • and there’s more.

    Ping me on IRC, or balloons or dpm if you want to get involved. We look forward to working with you and we’ll post more updates soon.

  • Costales: How to create a webapp for Ubuntu Phone in 5'
    What's a webapp? 
    A container that will load a web inside and it'll appear one application.

    My advice
    • Get an useful and common web with a mobile view.
    • Some webs are using a subdomain for the mobile web as Other are reading the User Agent, then they will work with Ubuntu, because the User Agent is "Ubuntu like Android".
    • Search if it exists before.
    • Use Ubuntu 14.10 (or the last stable release in the future).

    What do you need? 

    Install the SDK:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  

    Search and launch the SDK:

    Click in New Project

    Choose Web App

    Fill the name and path

    Fill your name and app name

    I choose 14.10 for ARM

    I'll click in Finish

    For a normal web, leave this 3 policy groups

    Get a description Comment for your webapp. I'd recommend you the Wikipedia

    Tip: You can play with the User Agent too. Run "webapp-container --help" in an Ubuntu Desktop 14.10+ shell for see all available options

    Get an icon

    Set icon to 256x256 px and .png (You can do it with GIMP)

    Fill your manifest

    Tip: Don't run it! It'll create a 'debug' module and it'll not validate it. Just Build your project

    A folder was created with your click package. We need to upload then :)

    Go to this URL and click in Phone > New application

    Choose your click package and click Upload (If you are getting an error, go to "Phones". It's probably that the package was uploaded)

    You will see your new project as Draft

    Click on your new project and click in Submit for review. Click in publish after that
    Your webapp will appear in the Store now :)

  • Randall Ross: On Writing Software for OpenPOWER

    We live in exciting times!

    Not only do we now have an Ubuntu Phone, but we also have Ubuntu running quite nicely on the OpenPOWER platform (which is based on the POWER8 architecture).

    You might be thinking "So, where are you going with this?" I'm glad you asked :)

    In just a couple weeks, the very first OpenPOWER Summit will start. Everyone who's involved in the OpenPOWER community will be making the trek to sunny San Jose, CA. If you're writing (or thinking about writing) software that is targeted for the OpenPOWER platform, then you'd be crazy *not* to be there!

    During the OpenPOWER Summit, the fun folks that bring you Ubuntu will be hosting a session entitled the "ISV Roundtable". This session is designed to connect people who have great ideas that would benefit from OpenPOWER to the people who can help make them reality.

    Are you thinking of writing, tuning, or porting (it's super easy) software to benefit from OpenPOWER? This is the session for you.

    Are you looking for the "next big thing"? You've found it.

    I'd love to see you there!

    Contact randall (at) ubuntu (dot) com

  • Ubuntu Kernel Team: Kernel Team Meeting Minutes – March 03, 2015

    Meeting Minutes

    IRC Log of the meeting.

    Meeting minutes.


    20150303 Meeting Agenda

    Release Metrics and Incoming Bugs

    Release metrics and incoming bug data can be reviewed at the following link:


    Status: Vivid Development Kernel

    We have officially uploaded our v3.19 kernel for Vivid to the archive,
    ie. 3.19.0-7.7. Please test and let us know your results.
    This is also an early reminder that kernel freeze for Vivid is on Thurs
    Apr 9. If you have any patches which need to land for 15.04′s release,
    please make sure to submit those sooner rather than later.
    Important upcoming dates:
    Thurs Mar 26 – Final Beta (~3 weeks away)
    Thurs Apr 09 – Kernel Freeze (~5 weeks away)
    Thurs Apr 23 – 15.04 Release (~7 weeks away)

    Status: CVE’s

    The current CVE status can be reviewed at the following link:

    Status: Stable, Security, and Bugfix Kernel Updates – Utopic/Trusty/Precise/Lucid

    Status for the main kernels, until today:

    • Lucid – Kernel Prep
    • Precise – Kernel Prep
    • Trusty – Kernel Prep
    • Utopic – Kernel Prep

      Current opened tracking bugs details:


      For SRUs, SRU report is a good source of information:



      cycle: 27-Feb through 21-Mar
      27-Feb Last day for kernel commits for this cycle
      01-Mar – 07-Mar Kernel prep week.
      08-Mar – 21-Mar Bug verification; Regression testing; Release

    Open Discussion or Questions? Raise your hand to be recognized

    No open discussion.

  • Michael Hall: My SCaLE 13x and UbuCon review

    A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the thirteenth Southern California Linux Expo, more commonly known at SCaLE 13x. It was my first time back in five years, since I attended 9x, and my first time as a speaker. I had a blast at SCaLE, and a wonderful time with UbuCon. If you couldn’t make it this year, it should definitely be on your list of shows to attend in 2016.


    Thanks to the efforts of Richard Gaskin, we had a room all day Friday to hold an UbuCon. For those of you who haven’t attended an UbuCon before, it’s basically a series of presentations by members of the Ubuntu community on how to use it, contribute to it, or become involved in the community around it. SCaLE was one of the pioneering host conferences for these, and this year they provided a double-sized room for us to use, which we still filled to capacity.

    image20150220_100226891I was given the chance to give not one but two talks during UbuCon, one on community and one on the Ubuntu phone. We also had presentations from my former manager and good friend Jono Bacon, current coworkers Jorge Castro and Marco Ceppi, and inspirational community members Philip Ballew and Richard Gaskin.

    I’d like thank Richard for putting this all together, and for taking such good care of those of us speaking (he made sure we always had mints and water). UbuCon was a huge success because of the amount of time and work he put into it. Thanks also to Canonical for providing us, on rather short notice, a box full of Ubuntu t-shirts to give away. And of course thanks to the SCaLE staff and organizers for providing us the room and all of the A/V equipment in it to use.

    The room was recorded all day, so each of these sessions can be watched now on youtube. My own talks are at 4:00:00 and 5:00:00.

    Ubuntu Booth

    In addition to UbuCon, we also had an Ubuntu booth in the SCaLE expo hall, which was registered and operated by members of the Ubuntu California LoCo team. These guys were amazing, they ran the booth all day over all three days, managed the whole setup and tear down, and did an excellent job talking to everybody who came by and explaining everything from Ubuntu’s cloud offerings, to desktops and even showing off Ubuntu phones.

    image20150221_162940413Our booth wouldn’t have happened without the efforts of Luis Caballero, Matt Mootz, Jose Antonio Rey, Nathan Haines, Ian Santopietro, George Mulak, and Daniel Gimpelevich, so thank you all so much! We also had great support from Carl Richell at System76 who let us borrow 3 of their incredible laptops running Ubuntu to show off our desktop, Canonical who loaned us 2 Nexus 4 phones running Ubuntu as well as one of the Orange Box cloud demonstration boxes, Michael Newsham from TierraTek who sent us a fanless PC and NAS, which we used to display a constantly-repeating video (from Canonical’s marketing team) showing the Ubuntu phone’s Scopes on a television monitor provided to us by Eäär Oden at Video Resources. Oh, and of course Stuart Langridge, who gave up his personal, first-edition Bq Ubuntu phone for the entire weekend so we could show it off at the booth.

    image20150222_132142752Like Ubuntu itself, this booth was not the product of just one organization’s work, but the combination of efforts and resources from many different, but connected, individuals and groups. We are what we are, because of who we all are. So thank you all for being a part of making this booth amazing.